About Us



Morrison’s Cove has long been the home of quality and fine living.  Among the Cove’s many attractions, is the Roaring Spring, a beautiful spring that has drawn people throughout history, to partake of the pure healing goodness of its bounty.   On the hillside, just above the Spring Dam, you will find another treasure; Candles in the Cove, an all natural soy candle company, that provides a pure non-toxic product created from a sustainable resource.  Candles in the Cove's owner, Matthew Berhaupt, has created a full line of hand-poured all natural soy candles that are sure to exceed your expectations.  The company was created because, Matthew has a long held passion for candles, and he was not satisfied with the quality of candles available through other vendors.  His desire for a top of the line product, led him to become the chandler of Candles in the Cove.  This passion led him to try his hand at making a candle that would reflect not only his own standards but also would be suited for others to enjoy as well.  Matthew began pouring candles in early 2015, and has produced a line of products that provide the added bonus of true scents blended in to captivate discerning senses. Old fashioned American ambition combined with a desire for independence, led Matthew to create the business with a small line of basic scents and products.  Driven to provide his customers with the best products possible, Candles in the Cove, continues with ongoing research and development, in an effort to bring you their customer a product that will exceed your expectations.  Candles in the Cove is fortunate to have each one of our customers, and our desire is to provide you with the best possible experience with our products.   Our goal is to provide you with the best all natural soy candles available, along with the best customer experience you will find.  Whether bathing your home or office in a pleasant scent, or providing the welcoming glow of candlelight, we know our products will exceed your expectations.  

Candles In The Cove is unique from the other candle companies due to  the fact that we aim at finding the latest, trending, exotic and  invigorating scents that our customer want in their homes. We strive at  keeping up on the market and competition. We feel that by providing our  customers with a line of homemade soy candles in an array of scents, we  will surely have a scent for every customers liking!

At Candles In The Cove, we pride ourselves with providing our  customers with a line of alluring scented soy candles that will add that  extra hint of ambiance to any decor! 

100% Soy


All of Candles In The Cove's product's are made strictly from 100% soy wax. We do not use any harsh chemicals what so ever in our products!

What we offer


We offer 6oz, 16oz, wax melts, tapered candles and tealights. We also specialize in fundraisers and weddings! Contact us today to see how we can help you.